This is something me and my little brother made eons ago.

I just showed him how to copy/paste, resize, and fade.

I cleaned it up at the end.

But, he's quite good for a 5-year-old, huh?

We made the audio by opening/closing a jar. :p

Meh, I just posted this cause my brother has no DSI...

Evil game. Awesome reward!

After a grueling week or so, I have completed Phoenix's evil game.
Seriously, I know all of his notes virtually by heart now. o_o

But the rewards were great. A blue star! This is my third. One of the others is on my "Squares" flipnote, from Phoenix as well, and I have no idea where the last is. xD

There was a little conflict between me and Math, as to whether or not I got #48 correct, but it was resolved; as Phoenix gave us BOTH blue stars.

Anyways, I COULD have been working on "The Demon Chronicles" (My new series;I'll post something about it here later.) and be 1/4 of the way done by now, but I did this. And now I have a ton of work to do. Oh boy. It's gonna be a long night. xD

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